Prevention should serve as a lifestyle pattern for total health, not the least of which is dental health.  Prevention in dentistry leads to improved long-term oral health and reduced dental costs.  It encourages a bright smile, fresh breath, and an overall good feeling of personal security.  Prevention is your insurance policy toward a healthier, pain-free lifestyle. Our dental hygienist can provide excellent services to assist in the maintenance of your overall dental health.  Your cooperation with her can serve to increase your knowledge of your present oral condition. When you keep your appointment with your hygienist, the following benefits will result: Our dental hygienist will customize a personal home and preventative maintenance program for you, and inform you of those dental products which are appropriate for your dental needs.  You will be instructed in the proper methods of  toothbrushing, flossing, and using adjunctive dental health devices. Your entire mouth will be thoroughly and carefully examined for gum disease, growths, lesions, and any abnormalities that might affect your general health. Your teeth will be cleaned and polished to remove plaque and tartar both above and below the gumline, eliminating bacteria that lead to cavities, bad breath, and gum disease. Flouride will be applied to teeth to prevent decay (for children), and root sensitivity/root cavities (for adults).  Sealants can be easily applied to the chewing surfaces of children’s teeth to protect against future decay.  Dental disease is a silent invader, presenting itself in various forms (puffy, bleeding gums, cavities,oral cancer, abscesses).  Although your  mouth may appear to be in good health at this time, stresses, body changes, medications, illness and age can tax your immune system.  Maintaining regular re-care appointments with your dental hygienist and follow-ups with your dentist offers you the assurance that any problems regarding your oral care will be addresssed immediately.